Guidelines for Listings

Information for owners and operators of Seniors Housing and other landlords and/or property management companies:

Listings on the Directory must be owned or operated by a seniors housing organization operating congregate seniors housing (defined as four or more units). We will not publish listings posted by independent landlords/independently owned property management companies leasing, subletting, selling, or renting properties held by regular seniors housing operators. Units such as these would need to be listed on a private real estate site or through another rental locating application. All listings are reviewed upon their posting by ASCHA.

For further clarity, the following is not allowed to be posted to the Directory:

  1. All non-seniors housing
  2. Seniors housing with less than four (4) units (non-congregate living)
  3. Seniors housing that requires a health care assessment by AHS (designated supportive living, designated access living, long-term care, etc.)
  4. Any housing in other provinces, territories, or countries
  5. All housing provided by a private landlord or property management company
  6. All housing for sale

ASCHA reserves the right to remove a listing if in violation of these guidelines. We also ask that the listings your organization maintains be reviewed and updated at least once a year to ensure the accuracy of the information for housing providers, ASCHA, stakeholders, and members of the public. In the spirit of this, ASCHA reserves the right to remove a listing if it is not maintained on a yearly basis. Updating your listings allows for consistency in the information your organization is providing to the public and increases the number of views your listings will have.

Information for members of the public utilizing the Alberta Seniors Housing Directory:

All listings on the Alberta Seniors Housing Directory are owned and/or operated by Albertan seniors housing organizations operating congregate seniors housing (defined as four or more units). There are no private landlords or property management companies featured on the site. All listings are posted voluntarily by housing providers and are not updated by ASCHA. ASCHA does not assume responsibility for any incorrect or out of date information provided by the organization the listing belongs to.